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Looking to show your slideshow at a large event like a wedding reception or birthday party? If so, you will want a projector rental from DVDphotographs.

Renting a slideshow projector from us makes sure everyone at your reception or party is able to see and enjoy your slideshow.

Types of Projectors

We offer offer a number of different projectors rental options, including offering many of the latest LCD Projectors for rent.  LCD projectors are very bright and display crisp images.  Renting an LCD projector that displays in such high quality makes sure that everyone at your party enjoys the slideshow.

With a projector you can show you  your slideshow on a large screen or wall.  By renting a projector you are not forced to make everyone at your event huddle together around a small television.

If you are also purchasing a slideshow through us you qualify for a discounted projector rental .

Hooking up a Projector

It’s very easy to use a slideshow projector during your event!

Simply hook the projector up to a DVD Player or Laptop computer equipped with sound and your slide show can be displayed on a large screen or wall.

It’s also simple to get the video to display from a DVD player or Laptop. When you rent a projector from us we aslo will include easy to use instructions on how to make the proper connections.

 If you’re having a DJ at your reception or party we recommend that you check with them to see if you can run the Audio from the DVD to their system. Most DJ’s are happy to help you do this.

Additional Information

You may also want to read our article, How to Show a Slideshow at a Wedding or other special event.

Please e-mail us to check pricing and availability on our projectors.