Choosing the right slideshow music is an important part in creating your slideshow. Having the right mix of music is as important as selecting what photos you will use. At DVDPhotographs we have over a decade of experience creating memorable slideshows.

Here are our Top 5 Tips for choosing the right music for your slideshow.

Tip #1: Choose music for your slideshow that will match the overall feel you are aiming for. 

Do you want people to talk away with a tear in their eye? If so, choose music that is slower in tempo with powerful lyrics. Do you want your slideshow to have an upbeat feel to it? Consider faster paced or Top 40 types of songs.

Tip #2: Don’t be afraid to mix the music styles!

Having a variety of music in your slideshow will help keep your audience engaged in your slideshow. We typically don’t recommend that you use multiple songs from the same artist. It keeps the slideshow moving along and the audience interested if you use a mix of slower tempo and up beat songs

Tip #3: You don’t need to use the full song!

It’s not always necessary to use the full length of a song to still feel its impact in your slideshow. Many songs have very long musical introductions, lengthy interludes, or extended versions. At DVDPhotographs we can edit the song down to fit your slideshow.

Tip #4: Know your audience.

Be sure to consider who will be watching the slideshow. Make sure to choose music for your slideshow that is appropriate for the audience who will be watching it.

Tip #5: It’s Your Slideshow!

At the end of the day the slideshow you are creating is for you (or someone you’re creating it for). Make sure to choose music you like and you’ll enjoy each time you play it.

Need Music Suggestions?

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