When it comes to the memorable dates of a marriage, very few dates, if any, compare to the wedding anniversary. If you are celebrating this special occasion for yourself or helping to plan the celebration of someone else there are a variety of different anniversary presents you can consider. One such anniversary present which is becoming more and more popular in the Wedding Anniversary Slideshow.

These special mementos are also also known as photo or video montages. A Slideshow shows the pictures of the special couple through the years, set to music, and can be preserved on a DVD or distributed digitally. A typical slideshow will show pictures of each person in chronological order. For an Anniversary slideshow, we recommend that the couple also also include pictures of their children and other special people who have helped touch and shape their marriage through the years.

Since the Slideshow is typically set to music, the couple should pick out music that they have enjoyed through the years. When picking out the music to be used it is best to use a mix of songs, both slow and romantic, and up beat and lively.

One feature that can add a great touch to a Slideshow is to sprinkle in some video clips of the couple through the years. Perhaps there is some original video tape footage that exists of the couple walking down the aisle together. Or maybe there is an old VHS tape lying around of their sons first soccer game. Maybe another tape of their daughter’s first piano recital. Brief footage from each of these special times could be easily clipped and inserted into the slideshow to add a nice mix to the pictures that are shown.

If there is going to be a party of celebration marking this special occasion a Wedding Anniversary Slideshow is a great way for guests to enjoy various pictures through the couples years together. Most people when showing a slideshow at a party will elect to display the slideshow through a projector and project the image on a large screen or wall. This allows a large number of people to view the slideshow.

While there are certainly a number of different Wedding Anniversary presents one can purchase, creating a Wedding Slideshow is one that will leave a long lasting impression. As a company that specializes in slideshow production, we look forward to having the opportunity to create your Wedding Anniversary Slideshow